Monday, July 12, 2010

Natural selection, the technology way

I think both my blogs are getting related, with the kind of topics I discuss... You will find out soon, how they are.

Mobile phones, the smart ones and the not-so-smart, have been a communication boon. However much the mobile phone manufacturers like to claim that the instruments are safe, long term frying of brain by microwave devices like mobile phones have their undesired effects. Many studies have shown that continued prolonged usage (about 10 years) of mobile phones increase the chances of gliomas and other forms of tumours / cancers.

I noticed that government officials in India are among the heavy users of mobile phones, mostly for their illegal transactions. While many mobile phone users do not like to share their mobile phone numbers for privacy reasons, these officials are more than happy to share theirs, as they do not like to have any record on the official channel (paper, office land line etc). They use mobile phones from the beginning to the end of their nefarious deals. They constantly carry their mobile phones in their shirt pockets, literally close to their hearts, even on official holidays, for they do not like to miss any opportunity of extra income. I have yet to see any government official use a headset with a mobile phone. Same observations apply to our politicians too.

We all know Lamarck's theory - any organ put to constant work, grows strong and healthy. This is not applicable to the mobile phone usage. Organs , instead of growing strong and healthy, get worked up because of mobile phones and they turn cancerous.

It is said that a sharp object should be used to extract another sharp object lodged in the body. Similarly, probably a cancer should be combated with another cancer. Our country is our collective body. We all know corruption is the cancer that has gripped India. I am sure the process of natural healing has begun. There will be no wonder if many corrupt government employees and politicians get affected by cancer, induced by their mobile phones. In the last three years, the mobiles have become wide-spread in India. It is just a matter of another 5-7 years to see the effects.

It is all a process of natural selection, genius was the one who said "all in nature is slow and perfect".

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