Friday, April 27, 2007

About myself


I am K Venkatesh, you can call me KV. I am a technology marketing person and an academician, but sometimes my friends mistake me for a technologist... I am actually a generalist. My dear friend Sajan suggested that I write on the site and hence I began writing on techno-commercial matters. I understood that I would be the odd man out, on that technology oriented site, but hey that would be a differentiator :-) My colleague and friend Gururaj BS (Guru, for short), suggested that I must have my blog to supplement my forthcoming book on marketing of information technology (IT) and hence now have started this blog.

A bit on my background...
I am a graduate in Electronics Engineering from Bangalore University, India, did my post graduation in Management (MBA) from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB), specializing in Finance and Marketing. I studied French at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore as well. I have worked for nearly a dozen years in the IT industry - in various functions such as IT sales, software design and development, software product post sales support, software product technical marketing, productivity modeling & optimal bidding in software services business, product engineering programs and localization... I have also, for about half a decade, been teaching at various schools such as the IIMB (to second year MBA students), PC College of Engineering, Goa (to second year M.Tech students, May 2004) and The University of Michigan Law School (to senior post-graduate students of law, Apr 2006). I did speak to the MBA students of Department of Management Students, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, on the launch of IT products and services (Feb 2007). I am authoring a book tentatively titled "Marketing of Information Technology - concepts, IP, products and services", soon to be published by McGraw-Hill India. The book is in beta and Guru is reviewing the chapters.

My areas of interest include valuation of IT companies, Open Source, Information Technology (IT) pricing, Localization of IT, Intellectual Property Laws (IPR), Web 2.0 and E-Commerce.

In coming weeks, I will be making a few posts on some of the above topics. Meanwhile, you can also suggest a few topics of your choice, for me to blog. I will do so, if I have any knowledge on those topics. Until then, bye.

K Venkatesh

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